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Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Bristol

Our tree collection service…

Would you like us to collect and recycle your Christmas Tree?

We offer a tree collection service in the central Bristol area. Just book a collection with us and leave your tree outside your property on a specified day. We’ll come and collect it, and bring it back to our farm for mulching.

You can book a collection slot through our online shop.

…Or drop your tree off at the farm

Feel free to recycle your Christmas Tree at our farm! The farm will be closed in January, but all you need to do is drop your tree over the gate. We’ll do the rest!

We mulch up the trees in January and spread the mulch on our fields. So your Christmas Tree goes back to its roots!

This returns nutrients to the soil, helps with water retention and keeps weeds down – all part of the natural cycle.

Council & Charity collections

The local council collect Christmas trees on certain dates in January.

St Peter’s Hospice also run a charity tree collection service, covering 11 Bristol postcodes – find out more about their charity collection here.

St Peter’s Hospice drop many of their collected trees at our farm, and you can read more about that in our blog.