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This extremely robust plastic and metal stand is a superb, budget alternative to the Krinner. The foot-operated clamp works in just the same way, and takes a trunk size up to 4 inches (for the Max 200) or 4.5 inches (for the Max 300). Like the Krinner, there is an inbuilt pop-up water level indicator for the generous water reservoir within. The safety lock ensures that the clamp will not accidentally open.

The manufacturer describes this stand as having “mono-cable technology with foot-pedal operation”, which means that a foot-operated clamp tightens a tough steel cable that grips the base of the Christmas tree using four pincer grips.

It’s really useful having a foot-operated clamp, because it means you can put the Christmas tree up on your own, and very quickly indeed. Just insert the tree into the socket, hold the tree upright, and push down a couple of times with your foot. And – hey, presto – your Christmas tree is upright! You can decorate it already!

To help you choose the best Easy Lock stand for your Christmas tree, please see the information below:

EASY LOCK MAX 200 has a 32cm diameter footprint and a socket diameter of 4 inches, holding a tree up to 7ft (2.1m) in height. The water capacity is 2.00L.

EASY LOCK MAX 300 has a 36cm diameter footprint and a socket diameter of 4.5 inches, holding a tree up to 10ft (3.0m) in height. The water capacity is 2.90L.



Max 200 for trees up to 7ft/2.1m, Max 300 for trees up to 10ft/3m


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