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Reserve your tree IN PERSON

Get first pick of our trees!

Many of our customers like to come and reserve a tree, returning at a later date to cut it and take it home. 

Open for 3 days for early bird reservations
Fri 5th – Sun 7th Nov 10am – 4pm

The Farm is then open again from Sat 20th Nov, with reservations available right up to Christmas week.

1. Visit us

2. Choose your tree

3. personalise your tree

4. Return to collect it

Or we’ll deliver it

this is how you reserve your tree

  • Visit us
  • Choose your tree
  • Tag and personalise your tree with well-secured labels and decorations
  • Write your name on the tag
  • We will supply tags for you to use as well as your own, but the more things you bring of your own to make it unique, the easier it is to find later!
  • If you have the What3Words app, then use that to geolocate the tree. If you are having your reserved tree delivered, then you can log the geolocation with us before you go.
  • Then come back and collect your tree at a time that suits you, or organise a delivery date with us.

Bring lots of decorations to make sure your tree does not get cut down bY mistake

While we do our best to make sure reserved trees don’t get cut down and taken by mistake, it can happen.

So the more decorations you put on your tree, the less likely this is to happen.

Look at these well-tagged trees below – this one isn’t going anywhere without it’s new owners!

Early reservations Fri 5th – Sun 7th Nov, 10am – 4pm

Open every day from …

20th Nov to Christmas Eve

Old Gloucester Rd, Frenchay
Bristol BS16 1QW

Visit us and reserve your tree!