WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING RESERVATIONS for trees unless they are for pick up after 12th December. This is to avoid unnecessary repeat visits, so we can keep visitor numbers low during peak times.

If you want to reserve a tree, then come back later to pick it up –  tag and personalise your tree with well-secured labels and decorations. We will supply tags for you to use as well as your own, but the more things you bring of your own to make it unique, the easier it is to find later! Then arrange a date to come and collect your tree at a time that suits you.

While we do our best to make sure reserved trees don’t get cut down and taken by mistake, it can happen, so the more decorations you put on your tree the less likely this is to happen. Also remember to put your name it. Take, for example, the well-tagged tree below – this one isn’t going anywhere without it’s new owners!

If you have the What3Words app, then use that to geolocate your phone. If you are having your reserved tree delivered, then log the location of the tree with us before you go.

Bring lots of things to personalise your tree!