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frequently asked questions

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome to come and enjoy a walk around our farm. 

Do I need to book?

There is no need to book before you visit, but weekends are busier than week days. 

What sort of Christmas trees do you sell?

We grow Norwegian Spruce, Nordmann Fir, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce and Silver Spruce on our farm. We also sell pot-grown Christmas Trees. Find out more about our different tree varieties here.

Do you sell pre-cut trees?

You are welcome to walk around our farm and choose the tree you would like cut, but we also have a good selection of Nordmann Fir, Fraser Fir and Norwegian Spruce trees for sale in our yard that have been cut already.

How long will my Christmas Tree last?

Our fir trees hold their needles the longest, so can be put up inside earlier than the spruces – we advise not putting your Nordmann fir tree up until the last week in November, if you want it to last well until Christmas Day. Norway Spruce are best from the first week in December. 

Keep your tree away from radiators and under-floor heating and keep it well watered.

What sort of footwear should I wear?

Although we have created mulched paths into the fields, the grass growing around the trees can be wet and the ground is uneven in places, so wear sensible outdoor footwear.

How long does it take a Christmas Tree to grow?

Trees can take around 6- 8 years to achieve a good height for cutting – we plant baby trees every spring and autumn and we tend them carefully over these years to grow the best Christmas trees for our customers.

How do I look after my pot-grown Christmas Tree?

Please see our page about looking after your Christmas tree

What sort of Christmas Tree Stand will I need?

It will depend on the tree you choose, as you need a stand that can support it’s height and weight. We sell a wide variety of stands and can help you choose when you are buying your tree. We can also trim tree trunks to make sure they fit in your current stand.

Do you sell trees in log stands?

No, we don’t sell trees in log stands – all our trees are freshly cut from the fields and will benefit from being in a stand that can be kept watered.

Can I pay by card or cash?

Yes, we accept payment by card (except American Express) and cash.

Do I have to cut my Christmas tree myself?

No, once you have chosen your tree, one of our staff will be on hand to cut your tree for you.

Can I recycle my tree at your farm?

Yes, if you bring your tree back to our farm after Christmas, just pop it over our gate and we will mulch all the returned trees in the spring. We will use the mulch on our fields. See more about recycling your tree.