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Pot Grown Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees in pots

All our pot trees are grown in their pots in the ground in Scotland and arrive in stock at our farm in late November.

We also grow potted trees of our own here in Frenchay. These are ready for sale this year – just ask at our barn!

pot-grown trees in the frost
Pot grown trees on a frosty morning!

Reasons to buy a pot grown tree

A pot grown Christmas tree is alive and growing, so it’s not going to dry out and drop its needles. It just needs to be kept watered, like any other house plant. And as it is already in a pot, you don’t need a Christmas Tree stand, so it’s an economical option too.

Pot grown trees are also an environmentally friendly choice, if you can successfully keep your tree growing to display for another Christmas. And you can rest assured, our trees are grown in an environmentally friendly way – we don’t use peat.

pot-tree outdoors
A potted tree on a patio

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

Many of our customers like the idea of a Christmas tree that they can watch grow over the years.

A tree that has been grown in a pot – rather than dug up by its roots – has more chance of surviving when it’s planted out in the garden or, into a bigger pot after Christmas.

Read about how to look after your pot grown Christmas tree here.