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Mulching Christmas trees

It’s that time of year when we have a lot of mulching to do! In January, lots of our customers return their Christmas Trees to our farm for us to recycle. We also collect Christmas trees from customers around Bristol and bring them back to the farm, too. And in our fields, there are branches and bits of foliage on the ground that need to be collected to make room for our spring planting,

The winter has been so wet this year that we put off mulching all the waste until March! Here’s Simon to tell you a bit about it.

Why Mulch?

Mulch is great stuff! It is a brilliant way to return lots of nutrients to the soil and it also helps keep down weeds. This helps our sapling trees get off to a good start and it is especially important to us as we keep mowing to a minimum in the summer months.

We recently had an ecological survey done on our farm and we’re proud that our trees are growing in a biodiverse habitat – healthy soil, plenty of insect life, lots of small mammals and a wide variety of birds.

Mulching Christmas Trees

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