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Recycling christmas trees for charity

mulched christmas trees recycling for charity

In January, St Peter’s Hospice were busy recycling Christmas Trees for charity from 11 Bristol postcodes. They collected over 1,200 used Christmas Trees from Clevedon and Portishead in North Somerset, to Frenchay and Downend in South Gloucestershire. They brought many of these trees to Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm. And here, their brilliant team of volunteers processed and mulched the trees. We spread the mulch on our fields to return carbon and other goodness to the soil. Mulch also helps to retain moisture levels, too.

In the process, they raised over £20,000 for the Hospice. Well done to the team at St Peter’s Hospice! And to all those lovely Bristol folk who signed up to recycle their Christmas tree, thereby raising a considerable sum of money for the charity. Are you interested in supporting St Peter’s Hospice next year? Have a look at whether they collect and recycle Christmas trees from your postcode – https://www.stpetershospice.org/support-us/join-our-events/christmas-tree-collection/

However, if St Peter’s don’t recycle Christmas Trees for charity in your area, we offer a Christmas tree recycling and collection service at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm. You can either return your tree to our farm yourself or visit our online shop to book a collection.

Find out more about the benefits of recycling your Christmas Tree on the British Christmas Tree Growers Association website.

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