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Christmas Trees in London

In the New Year, we made a flying visit to see the Christmas Trees on display in London. What a splendid sight they were, too! Shops and restaurants had Christmas Trees decorating their doorways, welcoming people in.

The Covent Garden Christmas Tree towered over the piazza and market. We got a few ideas about how we might display one of our big trees at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm, too… We loved the giant wooden barrel!

The Iconic Trafalgar Square Tree

Next stop was the National Gallery – and a chance to admire the iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree. Surely this is London’s most famous Christmas Tree? Every year since 1947, a tree is given to London by the people of Oslo as a gesture of thanks for the support of the British during World War II. All these years later, the tradition continues.

The next morning, the crane was in position and the chainsaw operators were there, taking the Christmas tree away! Christmas season 2023 had come to an end. The next day, we were back in Bristol, collecting trees and taking them back to the farm to be mulched up.

Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, London

Norwegian Wood

Seeing the Trafalgar Square tree for ourselves made us remember our own visit to Norway a few years ago. We were lucky enough to walk through forests of Norway Spruce in their native habitat.

The trees, growing in the mountains, are very elegant, with sparser branches than on the Norway Spruce we grow on our farm. Read more about our trip to Norway here!

Christmas tree, Trafalgar Square

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