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Beautiful Big Christmas Trees!

Here at Frenchay Christmas Tree, we have some beautiful, big Nordmann Fir and Norwegian Spruce Christmas Trees. Some of these trees reach heights of up to 18 to 20ft. We now have around 300 trees of this height. People buy these trees for corporate displays, showrooms, or to light up their front gardens at Christmas. We are getting known in the Bristol area for our big trees and each year are cutting more of them.

We want our trees to be looking perfect for Christmas and so we need to prune them. With the tall trees, this can be a bit of a challenge. You need a very tall ladder and it can be a bit breezy at the top! Here is Simon to tell you all about how we do it:

big christmas trees bird stand

Birds on the tree tops!

We have lots of birds living on our farm – goldfinches, magpies, woodpeckers and buzzards amongst them. They like nothing better than to sit on the top of our tall trees to get the best view of the area!

Large birds can bend and distort the Christmas Tree leaders. We like seeing the birds on our trees but we don’t like bendy Christmas Tree tops! So in the spring, we attach bird stands to the tops of our bigger trees. These are clipped on with a peg and create a perch for birds, who can then enjoy a lovely view without damaging our Christmas Trees. We’re all happy then!

Here are Simon and Lucy, working their way through the field to peg bird stands on our 8ft Nordmann Firs. These will stay attached to the trees as they grow and you may well find one on the tree you choose. We’ll just take the clip off before we net your tree to take home so we can reuse it next year.

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