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Moving monster christmas trees takes teamwork

moving monster christmas trees takes teamwork

This Christmas, we sold a lot of our big trees. They are bought for showrooms, gardens and outdoor public displays. For many years, we have donated them to local hospitals, such as the Bristol Children’s Hospital. They are extremely heavy! Our staff will tell you that moving monster Christmas Trees takes teamwork.

Moving a Monster Christmas Tree

It takes 4 or 5 people to carry them by hand, as we don’t have tracks suitable for tractors or machinery. We use poles to balance out the weight more evenly and we choose the path of least resistance through the lines of growing trees, pushing our way through! Quite often, our largest trees are at the furthest corners of our fields – as trees nearest the car park tend to get cut first. So it can be a long walk!

Managing a Monster Tree Delivery

Once we get the tree to the yard, we heave them (usually with much difficulty!) through a netting funnel. We then hoist them onto a vehicle for delivery. They are tied with ropes to keep them securely in place. Then they set off to their new home to be lit up and decorated.

This all takes team work and a sense of humour as it is very hard work; it also gives us a renewed sense of respect for the huge, awe-inspiring tree that we have watched grow from a sapling. Once they grow to over 20ft, they become too big for us to manhandle off the fields and we leave them to grow – like in their native Norway.

delivering a monster Christmas tree takes teamwork

If you’re looking for a tall tree, we have sizes up to 20ft/6m for Norway Spruce and approx. 18ft/5.6m for Nordmann Fir. But please bear in mind that we will need time to cut, move and prepare a tree for delivery. The more notice you give us the better.

Please contact us for prices and availability of our tallest trees.

Or shop online for trees below 12ft/3.6m

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