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Norwegian Spruce in…Norway!

Norwegian spruce in...Norway!

Native Norwegian Spruce Habitats

Earlier in the year, we were lucky enough to visit Bergen and see the classic Christmas tree – the Norwegian Spruce…in Norway!

Walking amongst mighty trees of considerable size and girths, with baby saplings emerging from the mossy undergrowth beneath them, was truly a spectacle. They are elegant trees and look their best in the mountains.

Heather, ferns, and lingonberries were all part of the forest floor here, with many hiking trails winding their way through – for walkers in summer, cross-country skiers in winter, and no doubt a few herds of reindeer, too.

Norwegian Spruce on our farm

On our fields, we do have some trees that have reached the dizzy heights of 20ft or more. Some are now too big and heavy to cut out. However, we treasure them because the old, tall trees are the most effective carbon-capturers and they are havens for wildlife, too. As our plantation has developed over the past 25 years, the biodiversity of our fields has steadily increased. Every year we are seeing a greater variety of bird life, mushrooms, insects and wild flowers. Not to mention our thriving badger community!

We are considering letting a small glade of Norwegian Spruce reach their intended heights on our field, as it is wonderful to walk beneath their branches and to look up!

Norwegian Spruce in Norway
Frosted foliage

Norwegian Spruce from Norway

The tradition of having a Norwegian Spruce as a Christmas tree was started by Prince Albert. In 1841, he brought a tree back to Windsor Castle from Germany. And so the lighting up of Christmas trees began in Britain! But did you know that every year, the Norwegian government send a Norwegian Spruce to the UK?

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is a gift from the city of Oslo. It is a token of Norwegian gratitude to the people of London for their help during the Second World War. This tradition started in 1947 and continues to this day. The 30ft tree is selected from the forests around Oslo!

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