About Us

Growing Christmas Trees since 1999, we are a family run business whose sole aim is to supply the folk of Bristol with fine, locally grown trees produced to the best of our ability with wildlife and the environment in mind.

When you buy Christmas Trees from us, you are not only supporting a local business, you are also making the right environmental choice, reducing your air miles and supporting an 18-acre greenfield site that offers a home to a wide variety of animals, insects, plants, fungi and gazillions of helpful micro-organisms.

Charitable Donations

Over the years we have donated thousands of £££s to local charities. Every year we also support the Jessie May charity, and you will find a donation bucket on our pay desk. Over the years our kind customers have raised hundreds of pounds for this local charity.

We also donate a limited number of trees to good causes, such as local schools and nurseries, charitable organisations, and worthwhile fundraising events.


Our three fields are surrounded by a native hedgerow, which is a haven for wildlife and home for many birds and insects.

We have tree sparrows, cliff chaffs, blue tits, robins, blackbirds, woodpeckers and owls living on the farm to name just a few, as well as a badger sett, deer, mice and rabbits.

Read more about the wildlife at the farm