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Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm in the news

We are often in the news!

In the Christmas period, we sometimes appear on BBC Radio Bristol, who like to phone us for a chat about all things Christmas tree related.

Sometimes, the local tv news come to present the weather forecast from our farm!

Editorials in Bristol’s Voice newspapers

For quite a few years now, we have published an article in Bristol’s’ Voice newspaper in December, with all the latest from Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm.

“Trees for Christmas” from RHS magazine The Garden

In December 2019, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) asked Simon to write an article about Christmas trees, published in their magazine The Garden. There is a lovely plate illustration of branch samples taken from our own trees. The article will give you a different insight into Christmas trees growing and the options available for Christmas tree afficionados.

Since writing that article, we have been trialling a new species of Christmas tree, Abies bornmuellieriana (Turkish Fir). So far the results are encouraging although in appearance it is not that different to the Nordmann Fir.

Simon’s Christmas tree story

In December 2021, the Royal Horticultural Society interviewed Simon for a feature in The Garden magazine about his career surrounded by plants and trees.

You can read all about how Simon and his father, Peter, started growing Christmas trees. And how his other life as an RHS book publisher changed his approach to running Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm. The farm is very much a reflection of Simon’s interest in the environment and biodiversity.

You can also find Simon’s top tips for keeping your Christmas tree fresh through the Christmas season.

Huge rush to buy Christmas trees before second lockdown

Remember that time…a new lockdown date was announced in November 2020? We didn’t know if we’d be allowed to open the farm that Christmas. And so we had lots of customers rushing to visit and reserve a tree in early November before the lockdown began…

BBC BRISTOL go through the netting machine!

In December 2018, BBC Radio Bristol arrived in person at our farm on a seasonal treasure hunt.

Find out what happened …spoiler alert…presenter Sacha Bigwood got put through the netting machine, and tied with a bow!