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About Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm

We are a family-run business

We are Simon and Kate and we welcome you to our farm! It’s very much a family business, which was started by Simon’s Dad, Peter, 25 years ago. We now run the farm with the help of our children, too. Every Christmas, we love seeing all our regular customers and their families, who return to the farm year after year!

Our sole aim is to supply the folk of Bristol & the surrounds, with fabulous locally grown Christmas trees…

(all with their own names and character)

…while also maintaining a thriving environment for all the wildlife that lives on our farm

Drone panorama of Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm on Aug 2022 with lots of Christmas trees almost ready to go!! Come and get your tree! You can visit us at the farm and reserve your tree.

Another drone panorama October 2022. All 3 fields you can see in this flyover are filled with trees waiting for you!

Have a look at some of our reviews. Our many loyal, happy customers have been coming back year after year – often with their children, brothers and sisters, parents, dogs. A trip to the farm is a real family event.

We get asked many questions about our trees, for example, how long it takes to grow them. Click here to find out about our tree planting programme.

Buying a freshly grown tree from our farm means you are keeping your carbon footprint as small as possible. And you will also buying a tree that is as fresh as can be, so it will last and look spectacular on Christmas Day.

Early days at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm

It’s been a family affair since the beginning! Peter and Simon planted their first Christmas Trees on this land in 1999. Here are pictures of the main field when the trees were first planted and Peter and Simon selling their first trees.

Peter (Simon’s dad) and his baby trees, 2000
Our first year selling trees, 1998

Through the years

Peter wanted to create a habitat for wildlife and our first step was to plant a hedge of native plants around the fields. Those hedge saplings have grown into the magnificent native hedgerow that surrounds the farm today, full of birds and activity. Our landmark windmill was imported from Amarillo, Texas in 1999. In 2021, students at the University of Bristol began working on a project to attempt to convert its wind power into electricity that we can use on the farm.

In 2008 we expanded into a neighbouring field, which we call our ‘wet field’, because it has some drainage issues. And in 2015 we bought our ‘new’ field next to the Dings Rugby ground. Our site is now home to 40,000 Christmas trees. In 2021, we dug a pond on the wet field to serve a dual purpose: to help with the drainage problems and as an excellent habitat for wildlife.

Our American windmill from Amarillo, Texas
Simon and Kate planting the hedgerow in 1999

Planting Christmas Trees at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm

Every year, we plant sapling Christmas trees to replace the trees we have cut down. The seeds for our trees come from vast, spectacular forests in Georgia, and they are planted and brought on as saplings in Denmark. So when they arrive on our farm, the saplings are already three or four years old. 

We plant them in March and September. The Nordmann fir trees take another seven years to reach maturity. Each year they need careful tending and pruning to grow into the perfect Christmas Tree shape. Our Norwegian spruce take six years to reach a good height for cutting, which is why they are less expensive to buy.

Marking out for planting
Baby tree planted
Final prune of the year

Want to see more pics?

Charitable donations

Over the years we have donated thousands of £££s to local charities.

We also donate a limited number of trees to good causes, such as local schools and nurseries, hospitals, charitable organisations, and worthwhile fundraising events.


Our three fields are surrounded by a native hedgerow, which is a haven for wildlife and home for many birds and insects. Wildflowers and grasses flourish, and all sorts of fungi grow around old tree roots.

Tree sparrows, cliff chaffs, blue tits, robins, blackbirds, woodpeckers, woodcocks and owls live on the farm, to name just a few. Buzzards routinely patrol the area for smaller rodents, which make their homes in the long grass and under the trees.

Read more about the wildlife at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm

Sunset at the farm